Sientra Announces FDA-Clearance of Next Generation AlloX2 Pro™ Tissue Expander

June 8, 2023

Significant Milestone as the First, and Only, MRI-Compatible Tissue Expander Available on the US Market

Continues Sientra’s Leadership and Innovation in Breast Reconstruction

IRVINE, Calif., June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sientra, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIEN) (“Sientra” or the “Company”), a medical aesthetics company focused on enhancing lives by advancing the art of plastic surgery, announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a 510k-clearance for the Company’s novel, patented1 AlloX2 Pro Tissue Expander. Building upon the proprietary dual port technology of the Company’s ground-breaking AlloX2® tissue expander, the AlloX2 Pro expands this platform by removing 95% of the metal traditionally associated with tissue expander ports. This innovation allows the AlloX2 Pro to be labeled as MRI-conditional, making it the only tissue expander cleared in the United States for exposure to magnetic resonance imaging, an important screening tool for breast reconstruction patients.   Other innovative features of the AlloX2 Pro include minimal interference with radiation therapy for post-mastectomy patients,2 faster port filling and drainage, and a softer drain for enhanced patient comfort.

“I am extremely proud to have partnered with Sientra to bring the AlloX2 Pro to market,” commented Dr. Thomas McClellan, a board-certified plastic surgeon in West Virginia and inventor of AlloX2. “Sientra’s commitment to women’s health and technological development in breast reconstruction made them the natural choice to make this important innovation in the treatment of post-mastectomy women a reality.”

“AlloX2 Pro is a remarkable and differentiating advancement in tissue expander technology. The AlloX2 Pro will significantly improve reconstructive approach with both dual ports and MRI-compatibility. These combined features will allow for better and safer treatment options and even allow use expanders in situations where we could not before,” said Dr. Thomas Davenport, a leading board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in reconstruction at Long Island Plastic Surgery. “Reconstructive surgery enhances the lives of our breast cancer patients by restoring their confidence and quality of life. AlloX2 Pro is a game changing innovation which will allow us to deliver the best and safest care to our patients.”

“The FDA clearance of AlloX2 Pro tissue expander represents another significant achievement for Sientra, and is a testament to our unwavering commitment to women’s health, innovation and leadership in reconstruction,” commented Ron Menezes, President and CEO of Sientra. “This is the third new product cleared or approved by the FDA in the past 12 months, setting Sientra apart from the competition and showing that Sientra continues to lead the way offering the most innovative solutions for plastic surgeons and their patients. We are excited to offer this ground-breaking new technology to our customers, and continue our market share gains in reconstruction where we have already reached an all-time high of 23% at the end of Q1.3

About Sientra

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Sientra is a medical aesthetics company exclusively focused on plastic surgery. The Company mission is to offer proprietary innovations and unparalleled partnerships that radically advance how plastic surgeons think, work and care for their patients. Sientra has developed a broad portfolio of products with technologically differentiated characteristics, supported by independent laboratory testing and strong clinical trial outcomes. The Company’s product portfolio includes its Sientra round and shaped breast implants, the first fifth-generation breast implants approved by the FDA for sale in the United States, its ground-breaking AlloX2® breast tissue expander with patented dual-port and integral drain technology, the Viality™ with AuraClens™ enhanced viability fat transfer system, the SimpliDerm® Human Acellular Dermal Matrix, and BIOCORNEUM® the #1 performing, preferred and recommended scar gel of plastic surgeons (*).

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U.S. Patent No. 11,039,898
2 Ramos-Méndez J, Park C, Sharma M., “Dosimetric characterization of single- and dual-port temporary tissue expanders for postmastectomy radiotherapy using Monte Carlo methods,” Front Oncol. 2023 Apr 18;13:1124838. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2023.1124838. 
3 IQVIA, SMART-Medical Device Supply Edition, Gel Implants & Breast Expander Purchases.

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